I am an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management, TU Delft. My research focuses on the philosophy of science and ethics of computer-based science and engineering (computer simulations, AI and Big Data). I have recently published a book on computer simulations. You can download a free copy here.

Awards & Grants
I am the recipient of the 2019 Herbert A. Simon Award for outstanding research in computing and philosophy. This award is offered by the International Association for Computing and Philosophy (IACAP) and recognizes scholars at an early stage of their academic career who are likely to reshape debates at the nexus of computing and philosophy by their original research. I received this award for my work on computer simulations: “the board well recognizes the significant early contributions you have made staking out new ground in the epistemic and normative dimensions of computer simulations. We eagerly anticipate the impact your scholarship will have on many areas beneath the umbrella of computing and philosophy and wish to acknowledge your continued success with this award.”

I have received a fellowship by the Netherlands Institute for Advance Study in the Humanities and Social Sciences for the Thems Group Project: Accountability in medical autonomous expert systems: ethical and epistemological challenges for explainable AI.

I have received the Milstein Scholarship from the Argentinean Government for spending up to three months at the Universidad de Buenos Aires and Universidad Nacional de Córdoba

SoBigData++ Critical data literacy, Ethics and Legal Framework for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

HumaneAI. Ethics in design: methods and tools for the responsible development of AI systems

Special Issues
Special Issue The ethics and epistemology of explanatory AI in medicine and healthcare Ethics and Information Technology. With Martin Sand and Karin Jongsma

Special Issue The societal and ethical dimension of computer simulations in SIMULATION. With Jeroen van den Hoven

Recent Publications

(2021) “Dissecting scientific explanation in AI (sXAI): a case for medicine and healthcareArtificial Intelligence.

(2021) “Who is afraid of black box algorithms?” On the epistemological and ethical basis of trust in medical AI. Journal of Medical Ethics. With Karin Jongsma.

(2020) “What is a simulation model?Minds and Machines. 30: 301–323.

(2020) “Epistemic standards for Participatory Technology Assessment: suggestions based upon Well-Ordered ScienceScience and Engineering Ethics. 26: 1709–1741. With Zach Pirtle

You can also find my CR here: CV