Things to do while in Delft

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  1. Walking routes:
  2. Vermeer Centrum. Meet the famous Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer.    
  3. Lambert van Meerten Museum. Extensive display of Delfts Blauw.
  4. Museum Paul Tetar van Elven: one of the best persevered historic interiors of a Dutch artist.
  5. Royal Dutch Museum (De Koninklijke Porceleyne Fles). Meet the design process and the developers of the famous Delfts Blauw. Reservation in advance is possible, but not mandatory.
  6. Prinsenhof Museum (see also Prinsenhof).
  7. Medisch Farmaceutisch Museum “de Griffioen” (Medical and Pharmaceutical Museum). A collection of medicine throughout the centuries. Interesting to consider how AI is changing the field today.  
  8. Delfste Molen de Roos (Rose Windmill). The final of 18 windmills that used to be in business in Delft. Note that there are steep ladders to climb and hence less suitable for those with mobility issues.
  9. De Nieuwe Kerk (The New Church): walk 376 steps up to the tower. Noteworthy burials are Hugo Grotius and William I of Orange/the Silent.
  10. De Oude Kerk (The Old Church): some excellent pieces of art. Noteworthy burial is Jan Vermeer.

Exploring the city and surroundings

  1. Botanical gardens of TU Delft. For some fresh air during the workshop, make sure to visit the botanical gardens of the university.
  2. Prinsenhof (Prince’s court). Here, William the Silent was killed. The bullet marks are still visible in the ground. (See also Prinsenhof museum).
  3. Walking tours
    1. To catch the key sights of Delft, have a look at the tours assembled by This site also has the possibility to personalize your city walk so you don’t miss your personal preference.

Cafes, bars, and restaurants

There are numerous cafes, bars and restaurants in Delft. And that’s no exaggeration. Below are a few that we particularly enjoy.

  1. Bierhuis De Klomp. First founded as a café and beer house back in the 17th-century, the Bierhuis now touts itself as the oldest beer bar and café in Delft. Although the building dates back much earlier, to 1538, the café itself has been open for all manner of drinks since 1652.
  2. Want to enjoy 200+ beers? Locus Publicus is the perfect bar. Also perfect name.
  3. At Humus you’ll find truly delicious vegetarian and vegan cuisine.
  4. De Centrale is a high-end restaurante and wine bar. Delicious food that come with description.
  5. Café de Oude Jan has one of the nicest biergarten around. And just by it, you’ll find the homonymous restaurant.
  6. Bij Best has the best coffee, best cake, and best sandwiches in town (at least for this humble local).
  7. Café du Centre is simply beautiful, cozy, and perfect for a couple of hours submerged in a good read.

For more on Delft, visit Here, you’ll find really good stuff: walking routes, must see, and street art.

Enjoy our beautiful city and the workshop!